Driving Instructor Reviews

Driving instructor reviews is really important to you?

It’s really important that you choose a driving instructor that is going to be there with you from your first driving lesson to passing your driving test in Shrewsbury and Shropshire. Driving instructor reviews make it easier for you to make an informed decision. It’s no good being offered cheap driving lessons, block bookings for driving lessons or introductory offers that seem to be a cheap way to learn to drive. if your driving instructor is someone you can’t get along with.

The DVSA, Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency works hard to ensure only the best driving instructors are passed to become fully qualified driving instructors or ADI’s, these driving instructors are monitored closely and have to pass a stringent test of there own every two to five years this is known as a Standards Check. All the reviews on Freeindex are from my past customers who over the years have passed their driving tests with me or just achieved the results they were looking for.

All qualified instructors are approved by the DVSA

Also, they have to be checked by the criminal record check to ensure they are a fit and proper person. Contact me after reading my reviews and see how I can help you pass your driving test.

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